Deliver sophisticated applications instantly

Build an array of applications and go live in a fraction of the time! Say hello to a next generation low-code platform that empowers your developers instead of creating obstacles for them.

Respond to feedback effortlessly, iterate live

While your applications are being built the app preview will always be “live” and at your fingertips. Stakeholders can provide feedback quickly on “the real thing” without being degrees removed from the end result at any time during development. No delays or waiting to see the latest feature added by your team!

Try our live editor, build your app now!

Engage in live collaboration while building, whether it’s making the most out of your interdisciplinary team, training new members as they watch the development live, or “collective building” with each member applying their domain knowledge to the task at hand.

Unlock the flexibility of development when you need it

Free your developers from time-consuming repetitive tasks — from UI component boilerplate code to server setup and deployment -- it’s all taken care of! But make no mistake -- Code2 will support you when things get complex, empowering your developers to concentrate on your business needs.

Connect your data & start shaping your app now!

Integrate your app on-the-fly, pulling data from existing services or data sources seamlessly. We’ve added the latest UI component libraries so you don’t have to worry about your technology stack up being up to date.

Create for the web and mobile simultaneously

Code2 automatically creates a mobile version of your app for you. It also allows you to customize mobile experience with less effort -- all without you having to set up an additional development environment for mobile!

Design your app for your favorite ecosystem now!

You can build your mobile app with the mobile preview in our editor. Looking for a more targeted experience? You can also customize your app for IOS and Android based on the expectations of each ecosystem.

Don’t worry about the production environment, it’s taken care of

Code2 offers you a one-click production environment on the cloud or an on-premise environment where you can deploy your own application clusters. No need for your application developers to sweat the setup either way!

Check out our enterprise options that best fit you!

Make use of organizational access management, SSO integration, workflow, multiple staging environments, project management tools integration – all without sacrificing your project development speed.

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