The easiest way to build web apps – no coding necessary

Create frictionless, pixel-perfect designs with our visual editor and turn them into a fully functional web app — without code.

Design the way you like

Create frictionless, pixel-perfect designs without CSS and HTML and see them in action right away! Designing your apps is as easy as using your favorite design tools, and as an added plus you get responsive elements out of the box for both mobile and desktop experiences.

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As your designs grow, you can also create reusable assets that will further accelerate the speed and ease of your design flow. Forget about having to use different tools for your landing pages, with Code2 you can design your landings and your web app in the same place.

Build with rich features on a robust platform

Choose from a rich selection of app building blocks, data options, user management features, and interactive actions to make your app pop to life! Don’t even have time for that? Take a shortcut and use our templates.

While building your app you will be able to develop your app’s functionality by adding logic and data to your design, without code. Code2 allows you to guide the application flow by connecting actions to events, and you can create dynamic behavior for your app using formulas, calculated properties, and various effects.

Launching has never been so easy

With Code2 you can launch with membership access to your app out of the box -- no need to invest in other services to make it happen. Afraid your users' data will exceed some kind of technical storage limitation? Not gonna happen! Code2’s infrastructure will make sure of that.

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Get your users on board right away once you put the finishing touches on your app. As you won’t have any worries building the app with Code2, you won’t have any once your app goes live either. Setup, hosting, launching, scaling — let Code2 take care of it all for you!

Use seamlessly

Give your users a premium app experience. Just because you created and launched your app in record speed doesn’t mean your users' have to suffer for it. Take comfort in the fact that your users will enjoy using your app as much as you enjoyed building it.

Code2 aims to provide a blazing fast experience without compromising on quality, both for you and for your users. If your customers aren’t satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

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