Danielle Boyd
Danielle Boyd
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June 04, 2021
No-Code Podcast Episodes of Note

No-Code Podcast Episodes of Note🔗

If you are looking for some inspiration, what better way than to listen to some of the CEOs of the many no-code platforms that color the software landscape? Below are some notable episodes that you might find to be worthwhile.

Vlad Magdalin, Webflow CEO🔗


David Siegel, CEO of Glide🔗


Howie Liu, CEO of Airtable🔗


Emmanuel Straschnov, co-CEO of Bubble🔗


Gary Hoberman, CEO of Unqork🔗


No-Code Podcasts to Keep Tabs On🔗

With new no-code podcasts popping up in the community from time to time it's sometimes hard to make a habit of routinely surveying the landscape. Nevertheless, I thought I would mention a couple worth keeping track of.

These guys are great to follow because they give good weekly/monthly recaps of recent developments in the no-code world. If you're too busy or lazy to check your twitter feed or those unread newsletters in your inbox, you’ll do no worse than tuning in to Visual Devs for the latest happenings and updates in the no-code ecosystem.

For those that prefer the laid back approach this podcast might fit the bill since their approach is more casual than the podcasts that primarily focus on interviewing guests. A word of caution though, the podcast titles usually refer to topics that are taken up later in the episode, so don't be surprised if they take their time getting there:) But with their thoughts and comments on no-code current events this podcast does really make you feel connected to the community, so credit where credit is due.

This one is a good podcast that's focused on interviewing app builders about their no-code trials and tribulations. From what I've listened to so far, Ayush is good at not getting in way of his guests and giving them enough space to get their interesting viewpoints and experiences across.

A sample episode I can recommend is the one with Max Haining, the founder of In that episode Max doesn't shy away from acknowledging the learning curve of no-code tools that's completely absent from the "build in 5 minutes" marketing material. He points out that only very few of those satisfy the "low learning curve combined with the speed which you can move to build things", but those are the ones that give him the biggest hope for the future of no-code. You can check out other no-code stories here.

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