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An image displays picture. They let users view visuals uploaded on page.


Image is uploaded from asset manager. Therefore, it is uploaded to asset manager by drag and dropping before uploading for components.


  • Their resolution should be suitable to display.

When to use

  • Use Images to show picture on your page.

Additional info

  • Consider adding alt text to display on Image area whenever Image is not uploaded.
  • Consider adding placeholder text to display in place of Image whenever Image is not uploaded.
  • Consider enabling preview for Image to view in bigger sizes whenever clicked on it than not.


  • There are several designing features varying Image.
  • The updatable properties of Images are update image, alt and placeholder.
  • The updatable behaviour of Images is enable preview.
  • The updatable style features of Images are margin, padding, size, overflow, border, effects and css.
  • The usable dynamic properties of Images are src, width, alt, placeholder, preview, fallback, height, hidden and style.