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A slider allows data entry by sliding cursor in a range. They let users entering quantitative data.


Range intervals are given by min and max values. Step size is given.


  • Sliders can indicate default value.

When to use

  • Use Sliders for integer data input.

Additional info

  • Consider activating dots to display dots of steps.
  • Consider using included setting to emphasize the range from min value to selected point.
  • Consider using reverse to invert slider range.
  • Consider activating tooltip to display integers on Slider when sliding.


  • The updatable properties of Sliders are default value, min, max and step.
  • The updatable behaviours of Sliders are dots, included, range, reverse and tooltip visible.
  • The usable dynamic properties of Sliders are disabled, dots, included, marks, min, max, range, reverse, vertical, tooltipVisible, tooltipPlacement, step, defaultValue, hidden and style.