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A title describes subject of content below. They let users know what suppose to generated field below.


Clarity comes with type and level of titles to choose. They give ideas about content operations.


  • Titles should provide insight in accordance with content.
  • They should be easy to read and specific.
  • Always have a text label to define format.

When to use

  • Use Titles to identify.

Additional info

  • Consider using level to emphasize hierarchy.
  • Consider using type to emphasize operation of titled field by priority.


  • There are three types of Titles with varying degrees of emphasis. Emphasis determines a Title‚Äôs appearance.
  • The updatable properties of Titles are title, level and type.
  • The updatable behaviours of Titles are ellipsis and copyable.
  • The updatable style features of Titles are margin, padding, size, overflow, typography, background and css.
  • The usable dynamic properties of Titles are type, level, editable, copyable, underline, mark, delete, ellipsis, _label, hidden and style.