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Video Player

A video player displays video. They let users watch video.


Settings comes with three main headers to configure.


  • VideoPlayers should indicate an URL.
  • Videos should have quality sound and visual resolution.

When to use

  • Use VideoPlayers to display videos on page.

Additional info

  • Consider setting as play automatically to play video without clicking on play button.
  • Consider setting as replay video to play continuously without stopping.
  • Consider giving a time for starting from to play video from the time to the end.


  • There are three different supported video playing platforms. The videos can be watched on selected platform.
  • The updatable properties of VideoPlayers are youtube/vimeo/dailymotion, url and start from.
  • The updatable behaviours of VideoPlayers are play automatically, replay video, show controls and allow fullscreen.
  • The usable dynamic properties of VideoPlayers are source, url, autoplay, loop, start, controls, modestbranding, allowFullScreen, hidden and style.