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Flows add functions to the components. They let users generate operations of application.


They are composed of the combinations of starting points and actions. Multiple flows can be added to the components.

Starting Points

  • Each component has different options for starting points. The starting point to be used is selected from list.
  • They specify when action will start.


  • Action list is same for all components. The action to be triggered is selected from list.
  • They specify which action will operate.
  • There are different actions categorized in eight main groups. These groups are given below.

Logic Actions

Logic actions are used to execute value settings or transitions in accordance with cases.

  • Execute Reusable Flow
  • Set Variable
  • Switch / Case

Internal DB Actions

Internal database actions are used to update data on data source.

  • Execute Query
  • Insert to Model
  • Reload Component Datasource

Navigation actions are used to redirect another area.

  • Close Modal/Aside
  • Form Submit
  • Go Back
  • Go to URL
  • Refresh Page
  • Show Data Form
  • Show Page

Component Actions

Component actions are used to set component properties by using another component properties.

  • Set Component Property

API Actions

API actions are used to execute backend functions or requests.

  • Execute Backend Function
  • HTTP Request

Feedback Actions

Feedback actions are used to display notifications.

  • Confirm
  • Show Backend Failure
  • Show Inline Modal/Drawer
  • Show Notification
  • Show Result

Code Actions

Code actions are used to execute coded operations.

  • Javascript Code
  • Wait